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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 6:00 PM

How to view your static IPv6 addresses

Hi All,


This seems to be new since the customer service people at Comcast don't seem to be aware of it when I called.


It appears that now, ALL static IPv4 assignments are automatically coming with static IPv6 assignments.


Note that in order to obtain a static IPv4 or IPv6 address you must have a business account.


To view your static IPv6 assignment go to:



Under Manage Services, click Internet

On the right hand side, click View Static IP


Login to your cable modem  (use the usual,  userID cusadmin, password  highspeed)

For a Netgear, on the left click LAN

Click IPv6 Setup tab on the top

make sure the IPv6 prefix and system delegated IPv6 address matches the static IP you got.


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