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Thursday, April 4th, 2024 7:04 PM

Comcast ipv4 network down in our region & Technicolor CGA4131COM ipv6 not negotiating correctly with our Peplink Balance 305

The Comcast ipv4 network is down in our location and our Technicolor CGA4131COM is not negotiating ipv6 properly with our router.

Phone support isn't helpful as they simply want to restart the modem in repetition. ipv4 being down is a local issue that happened at 5AM local (eastern) time at our location. The Technicolor CGA4131COM doesn't seem to offer correct SLAAC messages so our Peplink Balance 305 can negotiate ipv6 correctly. So we are down and in complete failure on our comcast network and all help so far hasn't gotten us a resolution.
We need ipv4 service restored in our service area (zip code 23111) and we need an ipv6 capable Cable modem.
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