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Tue, Mar 18, 2014 1:00 PM

Any IPv6 trial successes with intermediate router?

So if I plug my Netgear straight into my network, I can get IPv6 to work with no problem.


However, I want a firewall inbetween  and have played with mikrotik, pfsense, and several other with no success. They all seem to produce the same result where the OS will get an address, but none of them will route past the Netgear device.


Playing with Mikrotik and routeros today and the lan nic kept getting only a /72 address which would not allow EUI64 to be used to assign addresses.


SO has anyone out there had any success with a router/firewall and if so, what brand/model are you using?




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6 years ago

Sub-prefix delegation for the Netgear is working, you should see a /59 on any router conencted to the netgear