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Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 3:00 AM

Ubiquiti UCI compatible with static IP plans?

Ubiquiti announced their brand new UCI cable modem is compatible with Comcast Business.

But, is it compatible with static IP plans?


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3 months ago

@bitblaster2 Great question! Unfortunately, static IPs through Comcast Internet service is only available on modems you receive directly from us. For additional information about static IPs with Comcast Internet service, please reviewe this link:


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4 months ago

Comcast Business generally only allows their leased modems to use Static Assigned addreses 

From Ubiquity:
"Comcast Business does not provide static IP to customers that bring their own modem, such as UCI. Static IP is only available to Comcast Business customers that have a Comcast Business Gateway. Learn more."