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Monday, July 20th, 2015 6:00 PM

Process to use my own modem

We have been renting our modem for over a year now, an I realized the other day that I have a unused DPC3008. Does anyone know the process to begin using it and returning the rented one?

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9 years ago

Call technical support and tell them you want to use this.  They will ask the serial number and check it in their database.  if it comes up as compatible (which it should since it's on the compatability list) they will have you unplug your existing cable modem, they will then change your account to use the correct bootfile, and then they will have you plug in your modem and when it's up and online they will test everything out.  This may take a while since they are going to rewrite the firmware in your modem to whatever firmware they use for that model.


Once it all works then I think they either send out a UPS shipper or you can take the modem to a local comcast office and return it.


Note that you can only do this if your NOT running a static IP or static IP subnet.