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Saturday, July 31st, 2021 2:40 PM

Printer Nodenames / Changing to meaningful names

​Does anyone have experience renaming cryptic printer nodenames to meaningful names.? I can't figure out what the router is picking up. We have 6 printers, all Brother. Some have the little LCD/LED screen where you can rename the nodename right on the device. Others i can use the Brother Printer Admin tool. for some odd reason, just 1 of the renamed nodes (using LED screen) sticks, all the others go back to the BRW-Mac Addr cryptic names that show up in the 'Connected' screen. i don't understand why one works, but the others don't. I am thinking maybe there is a specific series of steps  i need to do...make the change, recycle the printer, recycle the router, etc. Does anyone know?​

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