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Monday, March 27th, 2017 1:00 PM

owned and still own my cisco linksys DPC3008 MODEM

I purchased my cisco linksys DPC3008 MODEM from Amazon in 2014. I switched from residential to business. From the 1st day the comcast tech told me that Comcast had my modem as a leased modem. He called and tried to fix the issue but said I would need to provide proof that the modem is my modem. I provided proof with Amazon invoice, modem retal box and MAC address to Comcast. The issue was fixed at that time. Now every year at random times I get billed for equipment rental fee. I am having to do the same again. Why does this keep happening?

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7 years ago

Hello cessna89811,


Please check your private messages for an update on your case.