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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 3:05 PM

Outdated Comcast Business Modem Compatibility list


I already use my own cable modem (Arris SB6183) and I'm interested in in upgrading to the Arris S33 modem. I noticed that this modem is not listed on the Comcast Business Internet device compatibility list. When will this modem compatibility list be updated? It does not appear that this list has been updated in a few years as the current options are older equipment. For example, the only Gigabit compatible option listed from Arris is the Arris SB8200, this modem is four years old! Other cable "business" competitors have much newer modem options available including the Arris S33 modem which has been available to purchase for eight months. There is definitely some opportunity here for improvement. Thanks



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3 years ago

Good morning, @Need_Honest_Support, and thank you for reaching out through our Community Business Forum for support with your modem questions. I can definitely understand wanting to upgrade your internet equipment- we've made changes to our leased equipment as newer and more advanced equipment becomes available, so it only follows that we'd want our amazing Business partners to keep up as well.


At this time, the link you've used to research equipment provides the most current information we have available for eligible equipment. There is a feedback option on the bottom you can use to submit your thoughts on updating the list, which I would recommend when you have recommendations for us.


I also reached out to our Business Ethernet support team directly to see if they had any newer information, and he let me know that the list is kept up to date, and your current equipment is the most up-to-date customer-owned equipment we list at this time.


I apologize if this is not the information you were hoping to receive. Please let us know if there's anything more we can assist with. Our team is online 24/7 to help each of our Business partners when you need us!