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Sunday, August 27th, 2017 10:00 PM

Demands for configuration change to modem and information about comcast practices

I demand the following changes be done and the following information be provided. (When I say demand I mean it in the legal sense as in this is not a request nor something that I think can be dismissed).


Comcast is subject to Title II and subject to the open internet order. This is covered under 47CFR 8 particularly

8.5 No blocking.
A person engaged in the provision of broadband Internet access service, insofar as such person is so
engaged, shall not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices, subject to
reasonable network management.


8.11 No unreasonable interference or unreasonable disadvantage standard for Internet conduct.
Any person engaged in the provision of broadband Internet access service, insofar as such person is so engaged, shall not unreasonably interfere with or unreasonably disadvantage end users' ability to select, access, and use broadband Internet access service or the lawful Internet content, applications, services, or devices of their choice, or edge providers' ability to make lawful content, applications, services, or devices available to end users. Reasonable network management shall not be considered a violation of this rule.


and just in case you invoke the reasonable network management rule


Transparency Requirements.

216. For a practice to even be considered under this exception, a broadband Internet access
service provider must first show that the practice is primarily motivated by a technical network
management justification rather than other business justifications. If a practice is primarily motivated by
such an other justification, such as a practice that permits different levels of network access for similarly
situated users based solely on the particular plan to which the user has subscribed,558 then that practice
will not be considered under this exception. The term “particular network architecture and technology”
refers to the differences across broadband access platforms of any kind, including cable, fiber, DSL,
satellite, unlicensed Wi-Fi, fixed wireless, and mobile wireless.559




1. I should be allowed to use my own equipment with public static ip addresses. ( I'm guessing I'm not getting this one without a court order, but that's down the line.

2.On my modem/router, Comcast Explain and disable the existence of the ip range and why the modem has

3. Comcast disable the (usually 24) range.

4. Comcast explain why the public static ip address on the modem /router needs dns info.

5. Comcast disables the local dns server (forwarding only) on the modem / router

6. Comcast disable the broadcast arp on the modem router for my static public ip range

7. Comcast describe the mechanism for the rip key update. SNMP etc..

8. Comcast setup a /32 ipv4 private address an access list allowing ip addresses of my choice to reach it and not advertise it on the outside coax interface.

9. Comcast enable syslog with an acl and other security measures to send messages to an ip address of my choice

10. Comcast enable snmp access and identify the Mibs availble and the mibs comcast will let me query and also respond to questions of why I won't be allowed access the other mibs.


I await your response within 48 hours.


Stephen Dubbs

Accepted Solution

New problem solver


8 Messages

7 years ago

Hello actual Comcast Reps,


I have posted 4 times with about 500 views total, yet I have received no response from an official comcast rep nor have my posts been taken down. I've noticed your security center no longer operates 24/7. I have received a response to my FCC complaint, while I will work with the agent in the good faith, I don't belive comcast will do the same. If it takes a court order to get coherent answers (i.e. why a tor node with about 8GB of free memory can hold 50GB of files and is "downloading") so be it. I was a soldier at one point and I like to resolve issues at the lowest level but given comcast responses or lack thereof I don't see this being easy. Why are my questions so difficult, why can't we have an open exchange? Either way I cache all this stuff. Do as you will but be prepared to answer before a netural third party for your actions.