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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 2:00 PM

Can't use bridge mode with dynamic IPs?

Support called me back and told me I cannot use dynamic IPs with bridge mode on my netgear CG3000DCR modem. Is this true? 


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10 years ago

yes, i believe so. if you need dynamic IPs, i think you need to purchase your own modem. i remember that i had an SMC8014 that a CSR told me he could not put it in bridge mode.


that said, i have heard that some people have had success over at the forum. specifically, the "Comcast Direct" one. or potentially IM Comcast_Jon here.


truth be told, if you have a dynamic IP, it might be a better value for you if you do purchase your own modem; at least, it will save you the modem rental fee.