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Saturday, January 14th, 2023 6:29 PM

Can't add a static route in tec cg4131com

I am having a problem on a tec cg4131com. Every time I enter information on the static route screen, I get the error "Failed. Please try again later, Gateway IP must be reachable. Netmask must match route address". it doesn't matter what is entered, the same message is displayed.

The destination ip range is to with subnet of

The Gateway private Internal IP is with the external public IP of

I'm connecting to an Enterasys C3 with three vlan's.  vlan 25 is the network, vlan 26 is the and vlan 27 is the network. Only vlan 25 and 26 are currently being used. The C3 has been tested without being connected to the CG4131com, with no problem moving between vlans. Once connected to the CG4131com it no longer recognizes the network. I know a static route will solve the resolution, but I just get the same error every time I try to add. I have read the directions in the manual, but the instructions are limited and vague. Below is what has been entered.

Name FCC VLan 26

Destination Subnet

Subnet Mask

Gateway IP

Also There are 4 reserved ip's in the cg4131com C3 address 1 Laptop VPN C3 address 2

There are 5 port forwards also in the cg4131com

VPN to

RDP, Tightvnc-out, Tight vnc-in, DVR to

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11 months ago

Hello, there! Thank you so much for creating a new public post regarding your static IP address concerns. Your post can remain open for other users to comment and assist you, of course, but I highly recommend speaking directly with our Comcast Business support team. Here's their Contact Page with more information, please let me know if they are able to assist you! Our Digital Care Team has limited access to service details/changes on business accounts, so this would be a great direction to go from here.