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Friday, July 14th, 2023 1:11 PM

Adding a ethernet access point to comcast modem?

I'm in a 60'x120' metal building and my modem is located in the back corner utility area.  I am having problems with a stable wifi connection for my security cameras. While the signal does reach the cameras, they are forever going offline or buffering.  I tried the google mesh network and it didn't solve the issue.  I think I need to add a ethernet connected access point instead. Do you have any recommendations?  Thanks!

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1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We understand the importance of staying connected for your business and security at all times. We would recommend starting here: and 


Using the Comcast Business app or logging into the MyAccount to check your connectivity and troubleshoot your service. 


There are factors that may affect the connectivity (i.e. location of the modem, building structure, etc) And you may benefit from our Ethernet Dedicated Internet. 


Our excellent sales team will be able to help further your plan change if needed and you may contact them directly at 

(800) 391-3000