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Sat, May 2, 2015 7:00 PM

some bar/restaurant businesses not required to pay commercial rates; others are?

This will sound whiny, but....   we are a small bar in the middle of Pennsylvania.  We considered showing the Maywether fight, but the cost for us was going to be way too high; we are a Comcast business customer. 


We just found out that one of our competitors, approximately our size, is showing the fight just 2 blocks away;  they apparentlly have Comcast residential service in the bar (with multiple TVs), and hence are only paying the $89.95 plus fees price.


I would like our monthly bill, which exceeds $200, to be reduced to a normal residential rate of like $60, just like my competitor, and for us to get PPV events at residential rates.  How do we achieve that, plus also get rebated what we have overpaid for years for our business TV service, since apparently you don't have to pay business rates for a bar & restaurant here.


Thank you.


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6 y ago

Well, TECHNICALLY if you are a commercial business, it is against the terms-of-service to have residential installed there. That said, it's apparently not that hard to accomplish, as you've found out. I have also heard of businesses doing this & then at some point Comcast audits their services. They ended up getting their service cancelled AND their eligibility for any future Comcast service denied, so there's that to watch out for too.


As far as reducing your bill price goes, all I can say is talk to sales, or possibly retentions. I don't think the mods here have much power when it comes to billing rates....


Best of luck.



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6 y ago

Hello jrinsheid,


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Can you please send me the following information via PM (private message) to it address by account management team?

1. Name of your competitor's business

2. Address of the said company



Thank you