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Mon, Jul 14, 2014 11:00 AM

Re: On Demand doesn’t work

So I can see back on 5-4-12 Comcast wrote “On Demand is not currently part of Business Class TV service regardless of the package you are subscribed to". It has been over 2 years since that post. I have a business that has tried to use your local on demand service  or any service but to no avail. If I had been told of  this in the beginning I would have set it up as a residential account not a business one.  It would be nice for the price we are paying to at least have access to those features. After our contract ends we will be canceling Comcast and will looking  at another provider for our TV services.


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7 y ago

The Business class service from Comcast is a joke. We have run into the same problem at our office. The salesman that came out to our business listened to our list of "wants" for our TV service:


1. On Demand

2. Sports Package

3. HD

4. DVR's


This is probably an unusual list of wants for a business but there is also a residence on the property. Our sale person did not mention that not all of these wants can be had with "business class" service. So we essentially pay more than residential service for less features. If we would have been informed that Comcast has features disabled for business accounts I would have ordered residential service and fed the signal into the office. They reduce the channel count, disable On Demand, disable Streaming and don't allow DVR's all so that they can reduce the cost to businesses. This would be believable if they weren't charging you more than they charge for residential service with all of those features enabled. It has nothing to do with reducing cost, it is simply increasing profit.


I was initially going to have the service changed to residential service but have since decided to just get rid of Comcast all together. I am switching to dish for TV service and  we have already switched our phones over to Verizon VOIP. Now we just need a suitable replacement for the Comcast internet service so that we can turn our backs on Comcast.