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Sun, Jun 23, 2019 11:00 AM

Not All TV Boxes are showing in the app!

We have an install that have 25 boxes. Due to the volume it had to be install as 16 on a primary account number and 9 additional boxes in a child account. I can only see the original 16 boxes on the remote app. How can the app be updated to recognize all current boxes. They are all working. Thanks TV Roots

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Hi TVRoots! Welcome to the forums! Just to be sure, when you mention the remote app, are you referring to the My Account for Business app? It may be that since there is a parent and child account, those account numbers need to be linked. I can definitely check for you. Please click on my handle (Comcast_Gina) and send a private message with your name, the business name, the complete service address (including city, state, ZIP, suite number, etc), and the phone or account number(s).