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Thu, Dec 13, 2018 4:00 PM

Having to switch from Comcast Residental TV to Comcast Buisness TV (not happy!)

I have had comcast residental for over 20 years.  I have two TVs, a DVR downstairs with the main home theatre and one upstairs in the master bedroom.  However, my 18 year old TV just recently died and I replaced it with a new HD 4K display.  It turns out the old comcast DVR box I was using could not handle the newer HDMI, forcing me to reset the DVR daily.


Comcast sent a Technician out who diagnosed the problem and said to take it in and get the new X1 system.  Great, I thought, I brought the box into the River Street, Santa Cruz, store and was promply told by both the floor agent then the manager that they could not upgrade me to the X1 since I don't have internet.


Now, understand, this is odd because I do have network access, it is via Comcast buisness because I needed 6 public IP addresses for my own domain (  It's pretty good, great download/upload speeds.


So I have been directed to request TV service from Comcast buisness.  Which I am not sure I want given that it does not seem to have all the same packages that my residental account has.  However, despite numerous requests, I have not had any one contact me from Comcast buisness and Comcast residental just says "Sorry, Charlie".


How do I get resultion?


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3 y ago

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to learn that you have had that experience. I can certainly help with the service transfer inquiry. To get started, would you mind sending me a private message with your first/last name, your full address, and a phone number linked to the account?