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Wed, Dec 29, 2021 1:16 AM

Business AND Residential at same address

I work out of my house and have a business internet account, therefore, my address shows as a business location. I would like to open a residential television account at the same address (my home) but keep getting conflicting information between the Business and Residential customer service departments. Can I have a residential television account at my home even with a business internet connection? A Business technician recently told me that I could not have Business television because the location is my place of residence. 



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Hello @user_49384d, thanks for reaching out for help on our forums! You've reached the right team to help and we can certainly assist with this account concern. If you have a business internet service at your residential home then you can have a residential cable account but it will need to be separate accounts. We ask these questions because a residential cable account is not allowed in a commercial space which it sounds like the representatives were trying to determine. Hope that helps!