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Tue, Mar 1, 2022 12:42 AM

VPN through cradlepoint

I need help forwarding VPN ports from the Comcast modem through to my router.  I can set the port forwarding on the Comcast modem and it works correctly if my router is directly plugged into the Comcast modem.  But when the cradlepoint device is inserted between the Comcast and my router it no longer works.  It seems that this question comes up often but often moves to PM.  Can you please help me configure this correctly

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4 m ago

I am happy to help you take a look at this! Just to make sure we are getting the right account, can you send me a DM with the name of the business, your name, as well as the address, we can take a look. You can do that by following these directions: 

To send a direct message you may need to:

Click "Sign In"

Click the "direct message" icon

Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon

Type "Xfinity Business" in the "To:" line and select "Xfinity Business" from the drop-down list which appears. The "Xfinity Business" graphic replaces the "To:" line

Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window

Press Enter to send it