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Wed, Sep 2, 2020 2:00 PM

TLS Handshake error / VPN issues

Before switching to Comcast Business I used the residential internet.  My Netgear router had a openvpn client that worked great.  After switching to Business internet the VPN no longer works.  I get a TLS handshake error.  Working with Open VPN provided no support since the vpn is a "community" product.  Working with Comcast Business support resulted in an email with a link to a document on changing the Comcast modem to bridge mode.  I have set the modem to bridge mode, turned all the firewalls off and still the VPN will not work.

Reading in these forums leads me to think that the issue is the Cradle Point back up device.  Our set up is modem connected to the modem is the  Comcast Phone appliance and Cradle point, the Netgear router is plugged into the Cradle Point.

When searching for my public ip I get a address.  But my router is getting a address.  With no access to the Cradle Point I am blind to what is happening.


I need to be able to be away from the office and remote back to a couple machines.  Any help would be awesome.

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1 y ago

Hello, how are you? I hope overall your day has been a good one! I am sorry using this VPN with your Comcast Business service has been so challenging. I have used a different type of VPN on my devices so I know how frustrating it can be if different applications are not working ideally together. Have you tried bypassing everything and connecting directly to the business modem by chance?

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2 m ago

2021-The same issue in Denver, CO. 

Ticket CR-967966445

Comcast technical support had resolved the problem in May 2021 but would not share documentation of the fix.  Now it is November 2021 in the issue is back.  Every other network, hotspot, other non-Denver office location can access the server through VPN accept Denver office.

Comcast Business was a delight to work with during setup.  But technical support is no help and refuses to escalate to the next tier level.  Some have even repeatedly stated that  "if you can access Google, the problem is on your end".  

When I've contacted account reps that signed us up-CRICKETS!

There are forum posts on this from 10 years ago.  Why is there no protocol? 

Comcast, please educate your support staff.  Then tell them to answer the phone.  Please.