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Sun, Aug 16, 2015 4:00 AM

Password reset issue

Good moring everyone,


Twice now we have reset the password on our SMC unit and could not login with the new password.


In both cases we followed the same proceedure:


- Login with the default "cusadmin/highspeed"

- Go to the Administration > Password Setup screen

- Enter the current password (highspeed) and the new password twice

- Apply the change and receive the "password changed successfully" message

- (screen resets to the login screen)

- Attempt to login with cusadmin/

- Login fails

- (call customer support have them reset password)


Assuming that we have entered the password correctly, has anyone seen any other issues, bugs, or general sillynesses that we might be overlooking?  We tried rebooting the unit after the password change and that didn't make any difference.


We are using Chrome (44 as of this writing) and the intended password is 20 to 25 characters in length.



Regards, and many thinks.




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6 y ago

Hello derrick1066,


Welcome to the forum.

I've reset the password back to default for you and recommend limiting the password to 8 - 12 character.

This is simply a test to determine if the 20+ char is causing an error on the IP-Gateway.



Thank you

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6 y ago

I use port forwarding often and so I am fairly confident I remember my password but am no longer able to login to router/modem.


A few weeks ago I had been having an issue with a device/ip address connected to network that I knew was turned off which kept showing up connected and opening up ports. I thought someone was spoofing device by my wifi and locked that device out. Now not so sure since I am unable to login. (I had changed wifi passwords also.)





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5 y ago



I am having the exact same issue; I set the password to a 16-character long password on the Comcast gateway and now I can no longer gain access to the device.


Could I get the password reset as well?




** Update:  Nevermind... performed a hard reset on router and it reset the router to the factory password **