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Thu, Feb 1, 2018 1:00 PM

ISO/WTB: static IP capable modem -no WiFi

Please offer Business customers a modem designed FOR THEM.....

support static IP addresses: 1, 5, or 13 blocks.

and make it DOCSIS 3.1,

at least 2Gbps capable,

at least two  1Gbit LAN ports we can bond, or...

one of the new multi-gig ports could work...

and, above all else, do NOT ruin it with a WiFi chip.

wired only, please.

Let it pass traffic to a router through the LAN ports, just use RIP and auth you'd need for registration...


this is for business use,

we'd like to enable application hosting, video conferencing, and other services securely,

managed and logged by our router security appliance.

Routers are common in SMB, required if you want to compete.

integrating a rogue wifi network with unlogged traffic in the modem circumvents security policies.

It creates another security hole.  Increases the attack surface.

It doesn't belong in our business.

Might be OK for retail, but we are an OEM.

We have IP to protect, that requires a whole different kind of network.

We manage our own WiFi network, and certainly don't want an AP in our server closet.

We place those in logical places, like the office hallway, and in the shop, where they are needed.


The "One Size Fits All" WiFi Gateway does not work in the modern world,  Security needs have changed ALOT since that was released in 2011.

Please, recognize 2018 with a modern modem for modern business needs.





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4 y ago

Hi g0at and welcome to the business forums. 


Thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure it's reviewed as your concerns are important to us. I do also want to mention that our leased gateways are capable of using passthrough mode. This still allows static routing. Please let me know if you need anything.