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Thu, Jan 14, 2016 9:00 PM

How to disable true bridge mode on Comcast modem? (static IPs broken after bridge mode enabled)

We have Comcast Business Internet, with 5 static IPs.    However, the request was made at install that the modem was to be placed in bridge mode, as we would be providing our own firewall.  


We were unaware that doing so BREAKS the static IP routing in the modem, so we need to restore the modem's configuration to where we can properly route our public static IPs.   


How do I disable bridge mode in the Comcast modem, so that our 5 publicly accessible static IPs are accessible and route properly again across the modem?


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5 y ago

You can send an IM to one of the moderators on this forum (generally users with the handle "Comcast_") with your name, account number, and modedm MAC address, though if this is a time crunch it may be quicker to call into support & request it. There isn't a way to manually change it from your end.