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Thu, Oct 30, 2014 10:00 AM

COMCAST! Serious Problems with [all] Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway!

We had an SMC in East Chicago. There we used our Polycom HDX 7000 HD Video conferencing unit at 1920K, connected to many locations like Kobe Japan and at that high of a frame rate only had 4 droped frames over a 45 minute period, rock solid preformance, very few trouble calls at that site, with outstanding Comcast service of HD TV, Internet, and Telephone. The SMC gateway was GREAT. If we had more that 4 repair calls in 5 years that was to manny.


September 2013 we leave East Chicago, Indiana and move south 5 miles to Hammond, Indiana. We are given a netgear CG 3000 DCR Gateway. Within the last year have at least 20 repair calls, for a number of issues, mostly no Internet, and it continues to happen.


This past week we spent coonsiderable time trouble shooting our Polycom HDX7000 HD Video conferencing unit. Remember I said in east chigago with 1 of 5 STATIC ip's assigned to this unit using NAT we would connect consistently to KOBE JAPAN and drop 4 frames over a 45 minute period,....WELLLLllll with the Netgear CG3000DCR here are some of the current UNACCEPTABLE results.


Two different dedicated cat 5 e cable from Polycom unit to port 2, than port 3 on the netJUNK CG3000DCR Gateway....both home runs. We connected to TWO different Polycom video conferencing units / locations with the same Unacceptable results. We tried early morning, mid day, and evening with NO change in results.

If we connect above 512k we get errors, the faster the more errors, at 768 k it approaches 14.5% Transmit Packet loss ..thats the signal leaving our site.  At 1024k we are seeing transmit packet losses in excess of 35% UNACCEPTABLE.


We have had additional I. T. personel come to our site to test and make sure our "own back porch is CLEAN!"


Today when I called Comcast Business Class I got the norrmal music, I got the normal entry level tech, and shortly I got the normal everything is testing ok, I do not see any problerm.


I am not stupid, I know what I see, I know what test meters tell me, I have been in the Electrical / Computer field for over 38 years now. SO we have to fight to get the ticket escilated to level 2, this should have happened MONTHS ago based on the number of repair calls.


My vice president even set in on the call, and conveyed we are paying a high dollar amount for the services we are supose to recieve and we feel we are not recieving that service.


The level 2 tech calls me and instructs me to get a router and place it behind the netgear gateway, set the new router to the static ip, and remove that ip from the netgear gateway.


Well that is a jury rigged way to try and overcome a shortcoming of the Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway, and its inability to buffer like the SMC could and did for us in East Chicago where everything worked outstanding!!


COMCAST, me and tell me the date and time you are sending the tech with the proper equiptment to reslove these issues and provide us with the service we are paying you for ASAP Ticket # CR 407292048


Yes I have pictures of the testing showing the 35% + droped transmit frames because of your defective, incapable buffer over runs of your Netgear Gateway,...send us am SMC and the level of service we are paying for and rightfully expect.


Thank You for your time and attention  on this important matter, awaiting your speed reply.


Daniel Walters I T Manager

United Steelworkers Local 1010

Memorial Hall

7047 Grand Avenue

Hamnmond, Indiana 46323-2552

219 313 7913 cell

219 937-7784 ext 140

219 937 7684 Fax


Awaiting your speed reply with the date and time you are sending TECH on site for free replacement of your defective Netgear gateway to an SMC like we had in East Chicago that was sufficent to meet our needs.


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6 years ago

HI Daniel, I have engaged the Regional Service Center to assist with resolution of this issue.  Currently there is a service call scheduled for 11/1/14  1000-1200.  Please let us know if this issue persist once the equipment has been replaced.


Thank You

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6 years ago

I just had a "discussion" with a tech telling me that there are no issues between the Netgear and ASA. When I was persistent about getting a new SMC he said they don't make them anymore and that we would be getting used one. Who knows what kind of junk this guy is installing.

Can I get a new SMC?