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Mon, May 9, 2016 2:00 PM

Business Gateway - Random Reboots

Looking for some help with our business gateway (Business Class Cable Internet). Support has rolled a few trucks but there is never a permanent resolution. Our gateway reboots 2-6 times per day. We see the modem/gateway IP and all of our usable IPs stop responding to external pings simultaneously. After a few minutes (usually 3-5) everything comes back online. Comcast has watched it happen and verifies the modem turns off and back on. I can log into the modem's web interface and see a "system uptime" with the same that everything came back online. It looks like the modem just randomly reboots during the day. It doesn't appear to happen at night or when people are not using it.

Things that we and Comcast have tried:

-Swap out Netgear equipment for SMC equipment

-Swap out SMC equipment for different Netgear equipment

-Check and adjust levels

-Verify physical abling is healthy

-Disable DHCP/Enable 'passthrough'


Could it be anything on our end? I have a hard time imaging a scenario that would make the modem restart. Are there any paths that I could I try to encourage Comcast to take as next steps? Is there any way to get the modem to write events to a syslog server for postmortem analysis?


We have two firewalls (most servers and workstations NAT'd behind these) and a phone server that remote VoIP phones communicate with attached to the modem, if that matters at all. I don't believe this to be a power issue as other equipment is attached to the same PDU/circuit and does not exhibit this behavior.


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5 years ago

If the moden is physically rebooting it's probably not something on your end (at least something you can really control). Have you had a ticket escalated to tier II yet? If not, call up Comcast and tell them you need to get a ticket opened to Tier II. Then wait a day or two and call up and ask to speak to the tier agent. They *should* connect to him/her. 


If that fails, have them roll a truck and then ask that the tech provide the supervisors number or ask for a call back from the super. Working locally is by far the best way to get persistent problems resolved.

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5 years ago

Hello mfletcherist and welcome to forums,


I was reviewing your issue when I noted that you have multiple accounts. Would you please send a private message with the account number that is having issues. If you do not have that information available then please provide the MAC address of the modem that continually reboots. With this information I can investigate further and help you get the issue resolved.


Thank you