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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 8:09 PM

static ip and cradel points

​I understand that if you decide to run static ip's with a cradel point attached you will loose the fail over functionality with it.  We use our cradel point for POS CC processing and only use small bits of data which is why the cellular cradel point is ideal.  If there is no way around this issue can't you just unplug the cradel point and allow it to use cellular all the time and just forget the Fail Over sensing?​

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2 years ago

Good afternoon, @user_9e32e7

Thanks for choosing our Communities platform for support on your Xfintiy service. I have to say, our team is very proud to be there to help you with all your account needs and support your business and service!

This is a great question! Essentially, we configure our systems to ensure the stability of your static IP and are happy to help make sure that is configured optimally. We can work directly on this if you have any concerns in that regard. However, the configuration you are proposing would not be something we can assist you with as it is not our recommended process. Now, it is possible for you to speak with your IT department to inquire about this possibility. I hope this offers a bit of insight into your request but please don’t hesitate to reach out here if you have any other concerns or questions 😊.