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Wed, Aug 5, 2015 8:00 PM

Static configuration for CPE?



I have inherited a router that I do not have access credentials for. I need to replace the router and do not have config info.

I know our static IP address but have been unable to find subnet mask & next hop/default gateway info so that I can program the new router?


I contacted support and they were unable to help. Where can I find this information?




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6 y ago

You can login to with username = cusadmin and password = highspeed. Navigate to the "WAN" or "WAN Status" pages. There will be a box listing the static IP & subnet in CIDR notation.


As a reference, if you know that you only have 1 static IP, the subnet mask will always be , and the default gateway will always be 1 number larger than the last group of digits in your static IP. So for example, if your static IP is, your default gateway will be


You could also have more than 1 static IP; in this case, it will be either a block of 5 usable addresses or a block of 13 usable addresses. With 5 IPs, the subnet mask will be, and with 13 IPs the mask will be In both cases, the default gateway will be 1 address larger than the last IP in the range; so for example, if you have a block of 5 IPs with range through, the default gateway will be Most businesses only have 1 static IP, and you would generally know if you have more than 1.