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Thursday, February 8th, 2024 3:14 AM

PTR record

Tried calling twice to get this added. I'm looking to get my rdns address updated to the hostname our mail server uses.

first attempt, my static ip rdns got updated... but only contained the domain name, not the host name.

second attempt, my gateway's static ip got updated... which again, had just the domain name. This second attempt should be undone as modifications to the gateway IP was not requested, only the in-use static IP.

I also did look around this forum, which mostly directed people to send a message directly to the comcast business message directly... but now it seems that there's an auto reply, that creating a post here is the right thing to do. So here's a post requesting assistance from a technician.

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5 months ago

Our team is here to help and we are real people here, @user_127cb4. We are able to help with this request and apologize that the first 2 times it did not work as intended. We will get this fixed for you, no technician is needed. I see your direct message already so I will continue replying there. 

Please be reminded, in the future, our team will invite you to send us a direct message if/when we deem it necessary. Sending unsolicited direct messages to our team or other forum users is a violation to our Comcast Business Support Community Guidelines and our ‎Comcast Business Forum Acceptable Use Policy. By having an account and utilizing this support community, you have already agreed to the rules, policies, and guidelines contained within those documents as well as any other posted documents throughout the community.