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Friday, April 3rd, 2020 5:00 PM

Over 1 week to complete rDNS request ?

Friday, last week I called to request rDNS configuration for two static IP. It was given ticket number CR898799470 and said that it could take 72 hours to complete. At the end of Saturday an email was sent saying that the job was done, however only one of the two addresses were handled. I wasn't able to repond quickly since Comcast refuses email without a proper rDNS record, but did eventually send a response saying that it was incomplete. After a few more days there was no response so I tried calling but could not succeed in speaking with anyone that understood the issue. It also was not helpful to get connected to a phone robot that told me that my modem was down, and could I please unplug it for a minute or two.


It looks like this forum has knowledgeable employees and I tried to PM one earlier today, but so far no answer. If someone could tell me that they at least have heard my request and it is being acted upon, then I could sit tight for a little while longer. Is it possible to reach someone that has the knowledge and capability of responding ?


BTW, does this not just reduce to the simplest of edits to a rDNS zone file or database ? Would it not be possible to provide a mechanism for customers holding static IPs to make their own changes ?



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4 years ago

Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us through our business forums. I am so very sorry for the delay in our response and I truly appreciate all of your patience while we worked to get these records updated for you. I am sorry that this has taken so long to get addressed. Can you please reach out through private message with your first and last name, the full service address and account number or phone number on the business account? I will also ensure that all feedback and suggestions are forwarded appropriately and we will ensure that we get all records updated for you.