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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 3:00 PM

Need IPv6 PTR record created - talked to 4 CSRs already!!

I need a PTR record created for one of my IPv6 addresses. I know this is possible because I have called in the past for different accounts to have it created, and I see multiple posts on this forum of people having it created. As well, I have had one created for my IPv4 address. Now I need one for IPv6.


I have called in 4 times (!!!!) to try to have this record created. Each time, the rep has shown absolutely zero knowledge of what a PTR record is (one rep though the "IP Address" was my mailing address.... seriously are these people trained at all?? This is supposedly "business" service......). Each rep has ended the call by saying that it was "not possible".


Can someone help me with this please? Quite frustrating.

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4 years ago

Hi there! I'm so sorry for the delay. During this time, we are doing our very best to make sure we respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reaching out regarding your PTR record request. You've absolutely reached the right place, and are in good hands. I will own this Issue for you and ensure that I provide the best help I can today.


I'm so sorry that you made your attempt to call and was unable to get this resolved. We really appreciate all the information you provided. Can you please send me your full name,  account number (follow link, account number is at the top right)and address including city, state, and zip code exactly how it reflects on the bill? Thanks in advance.