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Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 8:53 PM

Need ARIN.NET SWIP Update for our static IP block

Comcast Support-

I have a static IP /28 block that was assigned with my Comcast Business service.  I need to get this updated in ARIN, because right now, it shows that this /28 is assigned to a previous customer who is located in Bloomington, IN, and I'm located in Grayslake, IL.  This causes all the GeoIP lookups to show the wrong info.

Can someone please advise the correct form or method to update this at Comcast?



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1 year ago

Hi @zimmy6996-OSS, thank you for visiting us on the Business Forums for assistance today. Our team can help right here with this static IP! Can you please send us a direct message with your first and last name, business name, full address, and phone number to get started?

• Click "Sign In" if necessary 
• Click the "Direct Message" icon in the top right corner
• Click the "New message" (pencil and paper) icon 
• The "To:" line prompts you to "Type the name of a person". Instead, type "Comcast Business" there 
• - As you are typing a drop-down list appears. Select "Comcast Business" from that list 
• - An "Comcast Business" graphic replaces the "To:" line 
• Type your message in the text area near the bottom of the window 
• Press Enter to send it