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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 10:00 AM

I just don't understand this static ip thing. Can anyone help?

​My small business was recently burglarized. Besides damaging and stealing most of our inventory; the theives also took our last DVR for the surveillence camera setup. I have recently purchased a newer one off ebay; however, the instructions were vague and it's cloud-based. I'd like to have it record up to the cloud as well as be able to access it via cellular. I was told I needed a static ip address to route it through, so I added the service via comcast. Is anyone familiar with this kind of setup? I am fairly proficient in computers and I even have a little networking knowledge; this has got me stumped...I dont know where to start. Can anyone simplify this process for me or recommend a good website or you tube video? I would just hire an IT, but due to the losses we've just been hit with; It's definately not in our budget. Thanks in advance!​

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4 years ago

Sorry to learn that you were burglarized, I'm happy to help how I can. We also offer products that allow you to secure your facility and view that video footage remotely and securely on our servers. I can ensure that your static IP is set up correctly on your Comcast Business Gateway, please send a private message so we can get started.