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Sun, Jun 10, 2012 7:00 PM

domain alias for static IP

I have a fixed IP internet service.  The fixed IP address I was given is


This IP currently resolves to:


How can I set up an alias to this rather cumbersome name? I have set up a "vanity" domain for my email already, but that does not help with my fixed IP address. I do log into hosts on my local network behind this fixed IP and would like to be able to use a somewhat more easily memorized name...


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9 y ago

Rhwfriedel welcome to the Business Forum and thank you for your post.  I have checked routing file the Comcast Gateway and I see that your connected equipment is not configured with your static IP.  I sent you a PM with additional details.  Also the host name can be changed from the Comcast default to your Business Domain Name, we can make that change at you convenience.


Thank You