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Friday, May 24th, 2019 6:00 AM

Configuring STatic IP Addresses

We have a plan with 5 static ip addresses.  The service has been active for about 18 months but we have never used the static ip addresses.  Currently I am trying to put a firewall/souter and a phone switch behind the Comcast router and use 2 of the static addresses.  I have tried putting the Comcast router in both bridge and pseudo-bridge mode and the assigning one of the static ip addresses to our firewall.  When I do this I cannot pass any traffic out to the internet.  In order to make sure that our firewall was not the problem, I even assigned one of our static addresses to a laptop, plugged right into the Comcast modem and still could not send traffic to the internet.  I have set this type of system up years ago and this seemed to work so I am not sure if something has changed or if there could be an issue with the assignment of the addresses.  The Comcast modem does show the correct gateway IP address to match the papaerwork we received at installation.



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5 years ago

Hey WCPS-Infrastructure! Thanks for reaching out to us here on our Comcast Business Support Forums. I'll need to take a look at the modem settings to establish whether or not Pseudo / Advanced Bridge Mode is enabled or, Full or Basic Bridge Mode is. Would you mind sending me a message with your full name, address and, the last four numbers of the account number? If you don't have the account number, I can use the last payment date and amount that was paid or, the MAC address of the modem to bypass the need for it. I hope to hear from you soon!