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Friday, May 4th, 2012 2:00 PM

Comcast’s name servers

Business Class customers have contacted us asking, “What are Comcast’s name servers?  I need to know so I can use my own domain for Comcast services.”

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12 years ago

These are Comcast’s name servers




You should read our help article for complete information on using your own domain with Comcast Business Class services before you change your Name Servers.

The article can be found here:



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@Comcast_Jon​ Is site protect still an active company? I never knew or heard of them until we had to create a dmarc record change and we are unable as I cannot access anything about SiteProtect.

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Thank you for contacting us on the forums, @user_f0441e! It looks like SiteProtect is still an active company. You can try going to help dot siteprotect dot com, to get more information on making the changes you need! We're right here, so if you have any problems, just let us know! 

I no longer work for Comcast.