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Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 4:59 PM

Request cancellation and refund Please

Switching to Comcast Business has been a nightmare.  I've been with Comcast residential for many years, but in July 2022 we called comcast to inquire about faster internet.  They said we could switch our account to Business for faster internet and better customer service.  Nothing but lies since then.  We've had nothing but issues with switching our mobile phones to xfinity mobile through the business account, had to switch back to our old carrier and it was a 2 day nightmare because xfinity did not provide a port number.  We switched back to our old carrier and comcast business is still charging me for mobile.  The main issue is that our residential account was never cancelled when we switched to business and i've been paying double.  No one wants to take accountability and it certainly wasn't our fault!!  I would like someone to help in this matter and take accountability for this error!  No one is taking accountability!!!  Make this right and cancel my business account without penalty and refund me the money charged from July through Sept 2022!!!  Your commitment and promise is to exceed expectations, how about just providing customer service that meets expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction and taking accountability when an error has been made and when you have not been able to provide what you promised???  Make this right and cancel my account without penalty and refund me my money.  In return I will put this behind me, otherwise I will be sure to tell everyone I know on every social media platform and people I know to never sign up for Comcast Business.

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