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Friday, October 13th, 2023 4:28 PM

microsoft 365 subscription says 3/2 accounts used but only 2 accounts are assigned in comcast and microsofts admin consoles. how to fix?

Basically that. we recently went down to 2 email accounts they are all deleted in the outlook admin console but 2. only 2 are listed as assigned now in the comcast admin console. however the subscription still says it is 3 of 2 users and says to buy more.

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9 months ago

@NPOtto Thanks for taking a moment to create a post today! We do have a dedicated team to support any inquiries or issues like this, and they should be able to look further into this for you. I'd recommend contacting our Cloud Solutions Support team at (855) 867-5010. They are available weekdays from 8 am-7 pm EST.