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Sat, Jul 31, 2021 2:35 PM

wifi module restart issue on business combo modem

Hello, new Comcast Business admin here. i made a bunch of changes to wifi print devices, unplugged some old no longer needed wired devices, and was doing general cleanup.  So from my business account web interface i decided to first just try recycling what they call the 'wifi module'. So i did that, and since then, i have not been able to get back to the Gateway home ip of The page won't open, it just clocks forever. I tested connectivity on devices, all appear to be working, so i have wifi and ethernet, but don't know what happened to my admin page? It seems a little dicey. Thoughts? I assumed since it is a combo router/modem i was simply restarting the equivalent of a standalone wifi router. CAn't find any existing posts about this.

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