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Sunday, January 26th, 2014 9:00 PM

Speed during peak hours is ridiculously slow!



I have a business comcast subscription 16/3 and during day hours it is quite acceptable reaching advertised speeds consistently, but during peak hours, specially during Saturday and Sunday evenings I'm getting about 2/2 or even 1/2 from the comcast own test or from any ookla test. I supposed that comcast business was running on a different network and was not affected by Netflix users. Any clue? Is that expected? If there is no difference with Xfinity, I'm thinking to stop paying the business and go for Uverse or other alternative. 

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10 years ago

I'm experiencing the same type of problems at 9-10am this morning (Pacific time).  Terrible lag times bringing up websites (usually "waiting for..." followed by adverts url or CDN servers.  really poor.  i have the 100mb biz plan.  speeds: shows 6.7/2.8, shows 3.6/1.7 while comcast speetest shows faster speeds at 22/21, see