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Sun, Apr 17, 2022 12:58 AM

Radom connection drops past year

Only posting here to document the experience...

In the past year Ive had 5 tech visits to fix random internet drops. Keep in mind I have security system amd cameras connected here. Equipment has all been replaced at least once in the past year...lines to the pole are fine....lines in the location also fine.

As I don't live here, Ive had to drive to the location in the middle of the night to power cycle the GD modem 5 times in the past few months.

I have rearranged our network to isolate any backfeeding of poe change.

I have disconnected everything but one change.

I have requested to be dropped to residential plan as we get the exact same service as the loaf sitting home all day playing video games...his interent drops the same time ours does. This tells me we do not get "Business Class" anything...just pay more. They never called back.

I was told that I was on an old plan and to "fix it" I needed to upgrade. Hasn't fixed it, yet we pay even more....i will say they did refund the difference for year of service when I told them I was lied too, which I was.

So for me to stay....someone will need to call me to work out a better plan and fix the I have talked to everyone I was told to so that we could fix the issues and have given my address, phone number, name and account info many, many times.

If there is no call to me by end if this coming week, then Its time to head to the BBB and file a complaint. Then fill out my star link account form.

I really hope we are an isolated case but from the looks of these forums and the redit subredit....I highly doubt it.

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