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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 9:00 PM

punching through firewalls

currently away from house and attempting to connect to computers and devices behind my comcast modem.  not liking comcast wifi i have a asus rog ac5300 gaming wifi router.  finally was able to get comcast and asus synced by putting comcast into bridged mode.  now asus shows my outside ip and registered to no-ip ddns.  

i am trying to gain ftp access to 1 desktop.  i am trying to gain remote control to my icom ic7300 hf radio on udp 50001, 50002, 50003.

currently have firewalls off on comcast, asus and both win 10 computers. icmp is allowed on asus, and i can pig comcast ip and proton vpn ip.

have setup a ftp server and allowed port 21, 22 through ftp services.  scanning the ports, they are listed as closed.  i setup a virtual server on asus for ports tcp 20, 21, 22.  it shows as filtered and closed.  i've setup udp to inside address for 50001, 2, 3. those show closed as well scanning.  this is same internal scanning and from outside scanning.

i've tried port forwarding on asus but i get not a valid ip?

in another post, saw advanced and basic bridged mode.  what is the difference between these?  ive also added inbound rules on the windows computers.

are the firewalls really completely off?



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