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Sunday, January 2nd, 2022 12:35 AM

Louisville outage

My internet is down due to the devastating wildfires in Superior/Louisville that destroyed 991 homes. Its been 24hrs now.

Whilst I understand these are unprecedented times, and restoration may be difficult, something other than "we're working on it" from Comcast would be nice. I've tried to call many times and the IVR will not let me speak to a human. I just want to know when its expected back. A rough ETA is fine. If its going to be weeks/days I can look for a temporary office space to work. But right now, Comcast will not tell me anything.

I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a home to go to. Its a little smokey and I've got to figure out what to do. But I would really like to get my life back to normal and go to work tomorrow. But I can't and I can't plan for what's next with no internet, its a big part of our lives now. I can't find someone to help with the smoke damage or put some TV on to distract my toddler so I can clean up a little. Phone internet is useless as I think most of the community is using it now and its overloaded. All I need is an update, nothing more. If someone can tell me when its expected to be back I can make plans.

Please Comcast, can you help a community in need?

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2 years ago

Hello @user_f0ae18! Thanks so much for reaching out to us here for support.

I'm sorry to hear you've been affected by the wildfire and it's good to hear that your home was safe. We absolutely understand wanting to get back to your normal routines as quickly as possible but these situations make it rather difficult to provide an ETA.

We need to wait for power to be restored in affected areas before we can begin assessing the damage and making repairs. Until then you can keep yourself updated by visiting


If you haven't already, be sure to download the Comcast Business App and sign up for text alerts so we can make sure you get updates whenever they are available. 

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2 years ago

Thanks, I did sign up for updates but there have been none for two days, nothing.

Xcel indicated all power was restored yesterday so I'm confused why this would be preventing work. Xcel have been busy restoring gas house to house (and communicating expectations, hint hint). 

I'm disappointed in your service. At a time when we need help, Comcast has been lacking. I understand you have limitations, but just a little more communication would help us plan our already chaotic lives. Currently I don't know if we can work tomorrow or if my child can attend school. I hope you all can step up and start sharing some details and expectations. Right now I can't help but think you all don't care.



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@user_f0ae18 I understand that Xcel may have restored power to your home and area but that does not mean that our equipment is seeing the same result.

Could you please send our team a private message with your full name and full address? I would like to take a look at your address to see if I can provide more updates.


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