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Friday, December 16th, 2022 7:17 AM

Lost Connectivity

​Is anyone else having an issue with loosing connectivity around 1:28AM to 3:45AM almost every other night?​

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3 months ago

We offer convenient self-service options to check service interruptions through My Account, the My Account App, or the Xfinity Status Center at Have you checked there yet? If no interruption, I want to make sure we are respecting your time and not repeat the steps you have taken previously. What additional troubleshooting steps have you taken? 


I also wanted to make sure you are aware that any time you need to troubleshoot our MyAccount app can assist you step by step. It is not just to pay your bill or to get notifications about interruptions. To learn how to troubleshoot in the future you can follow the link: Honestly, it is the best app to date that we offer and super easy to use for all of your account needs!