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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 1:02 PM

Losing Connectivity 1x or 2x per week

I'm loosing internet connectivity one to two times per week at inopportune times.    It seems to be happening more regularly the past few weeks. 
Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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8 m ago

@user_36ed09 Hey there! Thanks for the post, but sorry to learn about the ongoing connection issues. This is great link to help with troubleshooting: Have you tried anything like that out yet? 



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8 m ago

We, too, are experiencing an increasing number of service outages, usually requiring a reset of the cable router.  I am assuming that there was some erroneous router firmware update applied that is causing the exceptional number of service outages.  A reset of the router restores service temporarily, however, it is an appalling level of quality for a business internet service.  I sent a detailed report of the most recent four outages about 10 hours ago via direct messaging as the support team always seems to request but have so far had no response.  #BunchOfCowboys?