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Fri, Sep 10, 2021 1:18 PM

Issues Accessing and

We currently have two different locations that are experiencing issues accessing and  Our It support has no issues accessing it from their locations that are using MetroNet or AT&T.  We reached out to's tech support and this is the response we received from them.

We’ve had several people all using Comcast report issues accessing the public site. When I spoke to our Help Desk for the last incident, they recommended using a hot spot to try and access the site with the available wifi. They tried pinging the IP while we were on the call and didn’t experience any issues so no actual tickets have been opened. I’m not exactly sure what’s causing the issue but they suggested calling their local provider and seeking assistance.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and what was your solution to it?

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Hace 9 m

Good morning, @SZheng. Thank you for reaching out to our communities for help? With the locations in question that are having this issue, do you have Comcast Security Edge on the accounts?


If so, please follow this! 


In order to block or allow a specific URL, navigate to the Block & Allows Lists page in the subscriber portal. Enter the URL, select Search, then select Block or Allow as appropriate. The URL will be added to the Block List or Allow List, respectively.



I hope this helps!

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 Doesn't work, I even shut off the option....still can not reach the site.

Comcast service  response: 

After thorough review this situation by myself and our network engineering teams, we have concluded that there is no issue with the Comcast network in regards to no being able to reach specific pages or sites within From our findings, traffic from your modem is making it out from the Comcast network to the AT&T network where is hosted in traceroute results. That being the case, there is nothing that Comcast can do further to correct issues with AT&T’s network or this website. 

Whatever the issue may be, it can only be resolved by the website owners/AT&T. We do not have visibility or control over their network or systems and we cannot contact them for another party. 

If you believe this to be a DNS issue, please inform the website owners to correct the errors and warnings from the link below to be compliant with DNSSEC standards as DNSSEC is heavily implemented within the Comcast network.  ( CR002543442)


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Hace 8 m

I am having the same issue. I can reach on two other ISP with no problem.

I have "white listed" the site on Comcast's Business Security Edge, makes no difference.

It is a DNS error, Comcast technical support actually blames AT&T, as they are they ISP for HUD.

Their words not mine and they tell me to contact HUD and AT&T. 

My thought is I am the Comcast user and they should contact HUD &AT&T.

I can even reach a HUD site to report the problem via Comcast.

My solution is to use a Verizon hotspot and bypass Concast.

Great customer service.