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Wed, Jan 29, 2014 4:00 AM

Intermittent Connectivity

We are a new company that chose Comcast as a 'recommended' business internet service provider.  We are not new to having such a service, just new as a business. 


Unfortunately, since opening our doors on in late November of 2013, we've had constant intermittent issues with the service.  We've had a technician out, who firmly stated "there's nothing wrong" with our connection, yet when speaking with the local internal tech support, she couldn't even ping our modem.


I asked the technician if he had completed a comprehensive analysis of drop-line from pole to the business, looked at signal loss at the couplers and individual splitters, did a check of internal cables, and considered exchanging cable modem.  I was at a meeting out of the office when he arrived and just presumed these were standard practices with Comcast when such an intermittent problem is well documented as ours. 


I'm NOT caling the technician a liar, but with other service providers the techs leave documentation of what they did, tests performed and the rest results.  This guy just said, "everything's working fine"  and when I brought up the issue with the internal technician not even being able to ping our modem at several occassions - which supports the concept that there is an issue - the only response was that he only can look at the outside stuff, make sure the wires are connected good and that there is a known internal problem with intermittent connectivity and the latency.


If this kind of comprehensive analysis isn't currently a standard, what is wrong in making it a standard where the onsite techs do perform all of those tasks and leave a detailed report of the results?  Wouldn't that be a form of continuous improvement which has a justified business case?


Aside from that point, I'm stil having issues and am at a loss of what to do.  I"m also dismayed that there's no process available onliine to document these issues so that an internal tech support tech can just review this type of complaint and not have to repeat everything over and over and over and over again each time I call.  Very frustrating and who has the time for that?


Can someone please help me get this issue resolved?




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7 y ago

Hi Claimsalli. I wonder if you're having the same problem as me. Do you have a Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway? If so, please see my post at:


Lots of users having been complaining about this device. A quick test you can do on Windows is to run a command prompt, and then run "ping -t" without the quotes. This will do a ping between your computer and the Netgear gateway device. It should always be < 1ms. In my case, I often see spikes to 1000ms+ and this results in connectivity issues (gaps in vonage or skype calls, freeze ups in games, disconnects, etc).