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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 2:00 AM


Inadequate notice of planned maintenance

Since I see no Email address I can send this to, I guess I will post this complaint publicly.

I have been a Comcast Business customer for several years and I understand that maintenance has to be done every so often, and I even understand that they choose the hours of 12am-5am to impact as few businesses as possible. I would have no problem with that if they would notify me 36-48 hours in advance instead of 12-14 hours (got a call at 11:15am about maintenance tonight). I provide remote computer maintenance to clients and the majority of my work is done in the middle of the night when my clients don't need their computers. I schedule my clients at least a day ahead of time if not more, so when I get less than a day's notice that I might be without high speed Internet that night, it literally costs me several hundreds of dollars. This has now happened twice in the last 7 days and I am extremely frustrated...not to mention that it does harm to my reputation! I don't think it's too much to ask for more advanced notice of planned maintenance! Some of us need to be able to plan our schedules accordingly.

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10 years ago

I would also like to see some notice about planned maintenance. I know I've only been called twice about planned maintenance, but I've been told maintenance was occurring more than that. 

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10 years ago

Inevitibly there will be outages, what backup plan are you using?


Mine is to have a Monthly paid Mifi device that I can plug my server into (Local DNS) which I can change IP at the registrars for long term extended outages.


4G LTE routers I have on my state projects are pulling down 57mb/12mb and are a near replacement of the comcast business connection.


You have a single point of failure, having a backup connection is not what you've contracted with Comcast. I believe SLA is not relative to standard business connections, that's on the leased line level.

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1 year ago

I've never been called. It has been confirmed that they have the correct information on file to contact us. The issue is not having the backup, as most of us have a backup. This issue is if we know ahead of time for planned outages, we don't have to disrupt our businesses for the time to figure out the internet is down for the day and have everyone switch over. It is one thing for unexpected outages, but no excuse for inadequate notices on planned outages.

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