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Thursday, February 9th, 2023 5:29 PM

I would like a corporate contact to send complaints related to business cutomer service and service reliability....

I have been a comcast customer for over ten years and I  decided to move to comcast business services for everything in our office over a year ago.  What a mistake. We have been with spotty and inconsistent or nonexistent service since January 30th, 2023. This is day 10 of having to call and get nowhere. I have spent over 9 and ½ hours just on the phone with different comcast entities.  We have had to send employees home almost every day for a week and a half. Phones are cutting in and out if working at all and same with the internet. I get routed to call centers in other countries and we are fed up. We want to cancel service and not a single business representative can be bothered to return any requested phone calls. This is unacceptable and just bad business on Comcast’s part. I have never dealt with such a mess! I would like to write to corporate with the details of our experience and why we will be canceling service. No contacts at all have been provided by anyone and that’s even more frustrating! Any information or contact related to this request would be greatly appreciated.



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1 year ago

Hello and thank you for posting here with this concern, we are sorry to hear about the poor experience that you've had with us recently. Please allow us the opportunity to make this right. To get started please send us a private message with your full name, business name, and the street address for your business.