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Friday, June 28th, 2013 6:00 PM

First ports are closed, now I can't run a trace route without getting timed out.

So last week I bought a DVR system for my business. I needed ports 9000, 2049 and 2050 open. I log into the gateway to open the ports. Gateway says they're all open. Test said ports. They're closed. I spend a very fun week getting updates and no phone call from T2 support. I check today and the ports are open. No one called, no one notified me.


No problem though, the ports are open and I'll be able to access my cameras from the web. Wrong.


I keep having issues with the dvr connecting to the web or software. Call the dvr company and we troubleshoot together. At the end we ran a trace route to Google. 10 out of the 11 times I get a time out. I call comcast. I'm told it's "Probably because I'm pinging Google".


Another thing that confused me was the way the technician from comcast setup everything. I have both phone and internet through them. I have one box that's the actual business gateway, where I plug my router and everything else into. That has four Ethernet ports. Now there's a second box at the very back. It has 4 phone ports (3 open) an Ethernet port (open) and of course the cable and power cords. Now is this why I can't get the DVR on the net? Or a tracert to go through without time outs? I have no clue.


I'm really fed up at this point. If I can't get help to actually resolve this issue I'll be switching to another ISP.


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11 years ago

Welcome dfragtech. We can assist.  Send me a PM (private message) with the Business Account number and our Tier 2 group will investigate the issue.


Thank You