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Fri, Nov 1, 2013 9:00 AM

Disconnected Service – Technical Failures.

Dear Comcast Business,


DuSABLE, Inc., A design engineering and construction management firm based in Chicago, IL, has been a Business Class Customer for the past nine or so months. When solicited for your business, the Customer Service Representatives that come into our offices touted the dependability and connection speed of the Comcast Business Class Internet on VOIP-Telephony.

Since September 15, 2013, there have been at least three major outages of service for four-hours or more. No internet. No telephone. The latest occurrence was this morning for 2 hours. The main office at 300 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL, located in the heart of the South Loop area of Downtown Chicago, was cut off from field staff and clients. We have lost AT LEAST 16-20 hours of productivity, access to information from clients, and opportunities to service OUR customers. Submittals to clients were delayed.

We did not receive a courtesy text, e-mail or communication of any kind. We did not receive any reason for the disconnection of service. Our bills have been paid up. When contacting the Customer Service hotline, we get a prerecorded message saying “We have been experiencing technical service difficulties in your area and will be up and running by X:XX.” What does the staff do in the meantime? Go home? Get to a local internet café?

The linchpin of DuSABLE, Inc. service as a construction consultant is easy and continued communications flow between our clients, regulatory agencies, and our staff. In at least three occasions, that linchpin has been broken. We DEPEND on uninterrupted communications flow.

We would like one of your service representatives to come to our office and explain a) what has been happening with your service flow and b) what is Comcast Business doing to avoid and mitigate further disruptions. If these disruptions continue, further action may need to be taken. We would like to discuss this with one of your representatives face-to-face before things get out of hand.

Thank you for your attention.






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8 y ago

Welcome DuSable_Inc.  We do apologize for the continuing issues you are experiencing with your Business Service.  We have engaged our Regional Service Center for assistance with resolution of this issue.


Thank You