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Mon, Jun 20, 2022 4:35 AM

Correctable Codewords 85-95%

During my business install the tech said he wasn't that happy with the connection between the tap and my modem, but that it was acceptable.

I've had good connection, but on Channels 1 and Channels 32 I see about 85-95% Correctable Codewords, i.e. I'm getting a lot of errors, but thankfully they are correctable... Though this doesn't seem ideal. Even correctable errors should be low.

Channel 1
SNR 33.4 dB
Power Level 4.9 dBmV

Channel 32

38.8 dB
8.2 dBmV

Do I need a tech to reinstall the wire from the tap?

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17 d ago

Hello, @user_199bc7. Thank you for reaching out about the errors you're receiving and the recent tech visit you had. I can definitely look into the signal reports with you further and help ensure we get the ball rolling on the repairs. Please send over a Private Message for further assistance. 


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